What is Reflexology?

As a Reflexologist, I believe that reflexology helps release stress in more than one way, which in turn helps the body heal and regenerate itself.




In general, therapists agree that there are a few ways in which this works...


  • Reflexology works with the central nervous system to send calming messages to the body which adjust the tension levels. As a result there is increased blood supply which brings internal organs and their systems into a state of optimum functioning


  • Reflexology reduces pain by reducing stress and improving mood.  Stress and moods can have a significant influence on the way pain is received and processed by the brain, as such, reflexology may reduce pain by reducing stress and improving mood

  • Reflexology keeps the body’s “vital energy” flowing. There is a "vital energy" in the human body. If stress is not addressed, it leads to congestion of energy, which in turn causes bodily inefficiencies, which can lead to illness. 


Holistic/energy based treatments

As a qualified Reflexologist and certified energy therapist, I believe that the treatments I offer help release stress in many different ways. Fundamentally, holistic therapies (whichever one you prefer) are intended to help the body to heal, regenerate and balance itself. 


The knock on effects of this can be truly amazing!